How to recover Jazz Mf673 and ZONG MF25 Dead Devices From 900E Port Free Files

How to recover Jazz Mf673 and ZONG MF25 Dead Devices From 900E Port  Free Files

  • Recover your Mobilink Jazz Cloud (MF673) Jazz Wingle R191J & W02-Lw43 and ZONG Mf25 devices which are on Qualcomm 900E port due to automatic dead.
  • Through these files you can recover your dead devices totally original WebUI and original WIFI name & password.
  • The recent software (Which I uploaded for the same devices but this is different one)
  • This Software will not change your Devices WebUI or any thing else.
More Details About These Devices

Company:    ZTE
Models:        MF25 (ZONG CmPak) , MF673 (Mobilink Jazz) , R191J (Mobilink Jazz), WO2-Lw-43 (Mobilink Jazz)
Chip Type:    Qualcomm
Provided and Locked by:    ZONG (CmPAK) and Mobilink Jazz in Pakistan
Here are Some pictures of these devices





  • First Unzip your Folder by using 7zip
  • Connect Your Device to your PC through Boot Shot. It will show its Qualcomm Port No (Note this port no)
  • Now Run your recover Jazz Fix file or ZONG fix File and register it through Keygen.
  • Now it will show you select your device 1 for Cloud 2 for Wingle now choice your device is wingle or cloud.
  • Success your device is recovered now enjoy internet suffering with your device.


Password: pakistan

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