Gx Loader For Gx6605s F1 F2 Series

 Hello Guys Today I will Share you Gx-Loader (Modified By Malik Usman)

 Through This Loader you Can Recover your Dead GX6605s mini board receiver (F1 F2 series)  Receiver and also can upgrade different Version Software in your box.

How to Upgrade:

Now open GX-Loader and select com port (If your are using pc com port i will be on Com1 othen then if you are using USB to RS232 it can be any number Com2 Com3 etc you can check it from Device manager)

Now select Chip type: Other
Boot File: gx6605s-generic-sflash.boot

Mode : Serial Down

Section: All

File: Select your desired software if you have already downloaded

Power off the box and click on START.

Now Power ON your Box will start upgrade.

After Erase your software it will update new file in your box.

after Complete restart your box and enjoy your box is recovered successfully 

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