Telenor Wingle (E8372h-153)

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Hello guys today I will show you how
to unlock Telenor Wingle (E8372h-153) with original Telenor Webui. you can also
unlock this device (E8372h-153) by using this file also you can change its IMEI number for Telenor Calling sim.

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Telenor Wingle (E8372h-153 or 608) Telenor E8372h 608 &E5573cs 609 dead recovery

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Kegan 21.318.01.01.306 1000% Free Unlock

Huawei & ZONG E8372h-153 & E8372-608




E8372h-153 or E8372-608

SW Ver:

21.316.01.04.274 or 21.318.01.01.306

(Both supported)

Locked By:

Telenor PK


to Unlock

·       Extract by
using 7zip.

·       Install drivers and open DC-Unlocker.

·       Search Device and give command for download

·       Now Run Telenor File from the folder after complete
this use IMEI command from txt file for change its IMEI number.

·       After that Data save command (AT^INFORBU) and
then (AT^RESET) Enjoy your device is completely unlocked.

How to Dead Recover

·       Download Files from given link & extract by
using 7zip.

·       Now boot shot your device and connect to the pc
now open zong file and give its password from txt file

·       After loading its loader and FC ports will show
in device manager close the ZONG file manually.

·       Now Run Telenor File After complete this your
device will live now.

·       Use all commands in the txt file for repair its
IMEI, WIFI SSID, WIFI Password, & serial no.

After that Data save command (AT^INFORBU) and
then (AT^RESET) Enjoy your device is Live and ready to use.


Password: pakistan

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