Jazz R191J Wingle

 How to Unlock Jazz R191J Wingle and Repair its IMEI Number

Dear Friends today i will share you free unlock  files for unlock your wingle model No R191J Locked by Jazz Network Pakistan.
Device is Made by ZTE PVT L.td but in Pakistan its locked by Jazz Network a product of Orascom international.
Jazz R191J Wingle
Jazz R191J Wingle

How to Unlock:

  1. Turn off windows defender and connect devices with pc/laptop in normal mode.
  2. Open WebUi and Check its version must be B16.
  3. Now unzip your Folder by using 7Zip.
  4. Now Your device is connected normally run 1st file, it will open and stop now open 2nd.
  5. Now it will ask for entre number (Entre new IMEI) which you want to set in your device.
  6. Entre and your device will connect download mode automatically and it will do every thing automatically. after this it will reboot and will b connected normally.
  7. Congrats..! You have successfully unlocked your device by using A2zFlasher.

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