STARCOM SC-805 (Sunplus Loader)

SC-805 (Sunplus Loader)

Hello Dear visitor….!

I am sharing
Sunplus loader for your receiver dead recovery or upgrade your set
top box to latest software. Through this loader you can upgrade your HD
receiver and also dead recover your boxes if your receiver is in dead mode or
stuck on red light.

What is Loader:

Loader is a software
which you can use to dead recover or upgrade your receiver. Through this
software your receiver will be again come in working condition. Just you need
RS232 Jack, RS232 Cable (Female to Female), & Loader file in your computer
or laptop. If you are using laptop you need USB to RS232 Cable also.

Supported Receiver:

1506G, 1506T, 1506C, 1507G,
1506F, 1506A, 1503, 1505, 1512, 1502, STARCOM SC-805

to Upgrade:

  • Open
    Loader file in your PC and go to UARTISP tab and select com port (COM1 is
    normally used for pc if you are using default communication port from your
  • Now
    connect your box/receiver with your pc through RS232 jack and RS232 cable your
    box should be power off.
  • Now
    select ROM file in your loader. (File Download from A2ZFlasher)
  • Click
    on start and power on your box/receiver your loader will start recover/upgrade
    your box/receiver.
  • If
    you are using laptop you need to use USB to RS232 and install its drivers also
    and your com will change to any other number instead of COM1.


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