Offshore workers work in areas which are more risky than other occupations. Dredges, oil rigs, cargo ships and cruise vessels can be exposed to extreme temperatures and demand high levels of care. Employers who are incompetent and do not adhere to security and health standards, or to maintain the standards of their vessels and you get injured or injured, you might be able to claim compensation due to the negligence of another or under maritime law.

Seamen as well as offshore workers daily face the risk of suffering serious injuries while at work. There are a variety of dangers that can be encountered during work on offshore vessels, including explosions or explosions as well as gas leaks large objects falling and severe weather conditions. The law governing maritime safety is designed to safeguard those working at sea, and assure that in case injuries occur that they receive the proper damages, such as repairs and maintenance.

The understanding of maritime law may be a bit complicated. Most people don’t know the sort of maritime law will apply for their claims. Many employees accept compensation from their employers, which was not sufficient to cover injuries and that they weren’t able to alter at a later time. Therefore, it’s imperative to talk to an knowledgeable marine lawyer whenever you can when you’ve been hurt off the coast.


We are Abraham Watkins, we have been providing legal services to Texas for over 70 years. Texas since more than 70 years. That makes one of the longest-running legal firms in Texas. If you call our office, we’ll designate an experienced Houston offshore accident lawyer for your matter, one who is who is experienced in assisting victims to seek an amount of money in the aftermath of a array of maritime accident.

In Abraham Watkins, we have a group of maritime lawyers who will benefit with every step of your claim. We are aware of how challenging and stressful it is when you are injured while at work and then have to concers about the cost of the expenses. We would like help benefit you make claims in accordance with the appropriate maritime law, so that you can be paid for the injuries you sustained and ensure you are protected in the event of an injury.

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The law of maritime, also known as admiralty law, refers to a set of rules that apply to maritime employees as well as employers and those who are injured. The laws generally govern the entire spectrum of maritime incidents and accidents that take place on high seas. These include drilling platform incidents or dredge-related accidents. the accidents of cargo ships. “High seas” means water which is not within the borders of the territorial waters of a state or a state. Laws of maritime law apply to territorial waters within 12 miles of shoreline.


Laws pertaining to maritime are one of the laws that pertain for maritime workers as well as their employers and employers, along with others who operate on the sea. These laws govern the consequences of the occurrence of oil platform disasters or dredge-related accidents. They also govern cargo ship incidents and any other type of accident that takes place in navigable waters which includes high seas.

“High Seas” or “High Seas” refers to any water body that extends beyond the territorial waters of a nation or a state. In addition, maritime law covers territorial waters when they’re within 12 miles from the shoreline.

These are the oldest law that exist throughout the United States, and this could make them challenging to understand. In the last 50 years it has seen a number of modifications and efforts to update these laws, but they are often difficult and will require the assistance of the expertise of a maritime attorney identify.


In the past, maritime law was only was a legal framework for events and accidents which occurred in the high seas. However the law now covers the entirety of “navigable waters” within the United States. The definition of navigable waters in the law may be difficult, and the majority of the laws currently is in use relies on prior cases that attempted to clarify the description.

That means every body of water which permits trade between any state or other power is classed as navigable water.

At present, navigable water can be described as water that is able to be considered the “continued highway that commerce can be carried out in conjunction with the other States or other countries.”. Therefore, if an area of water permits trade or commerce between a state, or even a different country and is subject to the law of maritime. Water bodies that belong to larger “navigable waters” can also be controlled by the law of maritime even though they don’t directly connect with another country or state.

So the body of water, which has been closed off by a bigger area of land, also known as “land-locked,” will be controlled by the state instead of Federal maritime laws.


Texas state law on maritime matters is founded upon federal law, according to Article III Section 2 of the United States Constitution. Therefore, federal courts are able to handle every case that involves personal injury or damage to property that occurs that is navigable. The only place where states courts are able to apply their discretion in is regard to the process of compensation to victims.

Even though federal law covers all marine injuries, injured seamen as well as seamen are able to file maritime claims both in federal and state court in Houston. The injured maritime worker can make personal injury claims pursuant to the Jones Act in Texas state courts. Offshore oil rig employees can file a federal lawsuit in the state court.

The connection between federal and state maritime law may be difficult to understand, and many workers do not know whether they should submit a case to the Texas state court or a federal state. The maritime attorneys of our firm could give you guidance on your case of injury and benefit to bring the case before an appropriate federal or state court.

If you’ve sustained any personal injuries as the result of an incident off shore, in navigable waters or in high seas or in high seas, the Jones Act allows you to make a claim through either the federal court, and Texas the state court.

There are so many overlaps between federal and state legislatures the maritime law can be difficult to follow. The desirable chances of achieving success are most likely to come from an expert offshore lawyer who can represent the client.


There are many diverse acts and sets laws that make up laws governing maritime and admiralty. These laws are the most significant and widely employed and covers the vast majority of the cases that involve injuries to the personal that is occurring off shore. The laws focus on providing the rights that you’re automatically eligible to, and the actions you must take in order to seek your rightful compensation.


the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) serves to pay a variety of maritime workers. A few examples of employees who could be eligible for compensation under the Act comprise:

  • Harbor construction workers.
  • Workers from Longshore.
  • Dock workers.
  • Cargo employees.
  • Ship repairers.
  • Shipbuilders.

For a claim for compensation under the law for maritime injuries it is necessary for the injured party to prove that they’re maritime workers and that the injury took place within navigable waters, or in proximity to them, such as docks, piers, and so on.

If the incident occurred close to navigable waters within a dock, pier, or even a shipyard, you may be able to assert a claim in accordance with this statute.


The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act is an extension of the LHWCA. People who suffer injuries within the Outer Continental Shelf of the United States are entitled to file a claim of injury in accordance with this law. It is necessary to prove that the job was related to exploration or production of natural resources.

If you are employed on the Outer Continental Shelf oil rig and you are a worker, you could be eligible to file a maritime-related injury claim in accordance with this Act. If, however, you’re working for an organization like the US government, foreign government, or state-level government, you’ll be disqualified from filing an injury claim for personal injuries in accordance with the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.


The greatest fear and possibly the worst thing that can occur on high seas is an incident that can lead in the fatality of a person working. Any deaths occurring at sea, not within a state’s territorial waters, are protected by the death in the High Seas Act. The Act stipulates that the relatives of employees and passengers killed in accidents at sea that is caused by “wrongful negligence, act, or default that occurs at sea” may bring suit.

Families can only claim the cost of losses incurred by pecuniary loss such as financial assistance, and are unable to seek reimbursement for medical expenses or funeral expenses. The deadline for filing claims under the law is three years.


The Jones Act, also referred to as the Merchant Marine Act, was created in 1920. It covers those legal rights for seamen to pursue demands against their employers over the occurrence of an injury on the offshore. In the Jones Act, workers have an choice to file lawsuit against their employer for compensation in the event that they are wholly or in part at fault for their injuries. Therefore, your employer must only play any role in causing the injury that you sustained for you to receive the compensation. A few instances of negligence that are that are covered by this law include:

  • The failure to maintain and verify the safety of seamen’s equipment.
  • Knowing about extreme weather conditions but not taking measures to prevent these conditions.
  • Giving erroneous instructions and directions to workers.
  • Inability to serve medical attention for injured workers.

Seamen who have been injured can file personal injury claims against employers for total or part of the negligence, either in federal or state court. The injured workers also have the opportunity of submitting to have a trial by jury. In order to bring a case pursuant to the Merchant Marine Act, you need to speak to a seasoned maritime lawyer who will benefit you in bringing your case. The claims under the Merchant Marine Act tend to be complicated and an experienced Texas attorney can benefit to gather the evidence you need to create a convincing case as well as warrant that you are awarded the right damages for the injuries you sustained.

If you or someone loved ones has suffered injuries in a foreign country, and this was as a result of negligence by the company responsible for their actions it is important to connect with an expert personal injury lawyer promptly. The earlier you get them involved more, the greater your chance of receiving the full amount of settlement.


The Limitation of Liability Act allows the owners of vessels to limit their liability in cases involving damage and injuries that their vessels cause. In other words, if you suffer injuries on any vessel for example, an individual watercraft or cargo vessel, and sustain grave injuries as a result, the proprietor of the vessel may have the ability to minimize their responsibility and limit the amount you could receive.

To be eligible to apply the provisions of this Act to benefit from this Act, owners of vessels have to prove that they did not have prior knowledge of issues or damages on their boat.

The Limitation of Liability Act is subject to “Admiralty Law” this means the case will be decided by a judge, and the judge is the sole decision maker in decision.

Since your case may need to be listened to by a judge. Your perfect method of avoiding the possibility of a ruling against you is having your lawyer present the most convincing argument. If a person who owns the vessel chooses to pursue to apply the Limitation of Liability Act, the amount you can receive will be significantly less. This is why it’s strongly recommended to take benefit by a seasoned maritime attorney who will prove that the owner of the boat was aware of the potential dangers together the boat, and they must be held accountable for any injuries that you sustain.


Seamen’s rights to maintenance and cure is comparable to the worker’s comp. If a member of the crew or a captain is injured on the offshore the employer has to provide them with maintenance and cost of cure. Costs for cure refer to medical costs related to injuries sustained in the course of their work or on-shore. Maintenance benefits benefit pay for the cost of living.

The benefits, though automatically granted, are not nearly as large as compensation you might obtain through a maritime accident lawsuit.. Additionally, you don’t have to prove the negligence of your employer in order to receive these maintenance and cure benefits.

Benefits for maintenance and curing are given to the worker until they attain the maximum level of medical improvement. This is deemed by a doctor or physician. The employee does not have to show that their employer was the cause of the injury as these benefits work under a no-fault policy.


A lot of offshore workers are at risk of their lives to perform work each day. Because of the nature of a lot of maritime work, employees could be seriously injured by work hazardous environments, such as debris as well as gas explosions, the possibility of fires, defective equipment, and more. Laws governing maritime law and admiralty allow workers to receive compensation for injuries as well as to assure the medical expenses are paid for.

Explosions and fires, items falling from heights or on slippery floors, and malfunctioning equipment can cause situations in which an employee is hurt or worse, even injured or killed.

It is essential to contact an experienced attorney for offshore accidents in the event that you’ve suffered any kind of offshore crash, such as those listed below.


Most often, the causes for accident involving jack-ups are the collapses and explosions. Explosions and collapses on oil rigs are extremely hazardous, and a lot of accidents happen every year. In many cases, adopting the right safety precautions and making sure that jack-up rigs properly set-up will benefit to prevent accidents occurring.

Jack-up rigs are an extremely typical kind of oil rig which is utilized as turbine installation vessels as well as Mobile offshore drilling units (MODU). The jack-up rigs can be relatively mobile and need to be erected safely with sturdy legs that are attached to the floor of the sea. Employers who are responsible for jack-ups should ensure that they take the proper precautions to warrant that a jack-up device is properly set up and secure.

In the event that a jack-up truck falls down or there’s an explosion or fire that occurs on board, employees could end up dead or badly wounded. Investigations must be conducted to determine the cause.

If you or a member of your family were the victim of an accident involving a jack-up rig and have suffered personal injuries because of it and you are in need of benefit, get in touch with one of our maritime attorneys from our law firm to benefit to file an insurance claim.


Platforms for oil can be dangerous and challenging working environments. Every year, many maritime workers suffer injuries because of explosions, fires or collisions and unsafe work equipment and many more. As an example, in offshore oil rigs within areas like the Gulf Coast region of Mexico There have been more than 1500 maritime workers injured and 60 deaths since 2001 2009. These deaths were due to numerous avoidable fires and explosions.

If you’re someone who has been injured by a maritime employee at an oil platform you could be able to file an action in the Jones Act and general maritime law. This allows you to receive the medical expenses and costs taken care of by the employer. If you’ve suffered an injury on the offshore or your loved ones died because of the carelessness of your employer, get benefit from a skilled maritime attorney that can benefit in filing an insurance claim.

Common Oil Rig Accidents


Dredge employees are accountable cleaning harbors, rivers and other places filled with water weeds, trash or mud and other obstructive feeling that could impair a waterway. It’s common for dredge workers to be injured caused by being crushed due the malfunction or failure of machines, falling material or objects, and also sliding and falling.

Even though most dredges work within shallow water areas and even onshore, they have the same rights under law and protections afforded to the other workers working offshore. If you are injured offshore due to a dredge’s work working or you are able to prove the cause of your injuries was entirely or partially through your employer or employer, you may file a claim for compensation in accordance with the Jones Act.


Deck injuries are an atypical event due to the various risks that can be found encountered onboard vessels as well as shipyards and oil drilling rigs. Falls and slips happen frequently because of the deck of vessels being damp and exposed to sunlight. But, we’ve assisted clients who have suffered from a myriad of types of deck accidents that result of:

  • Moving or low-hanging objects.
  • Extreme weather or dangerous conditions.
  • Dropping objects.
  • Human error.
  • Failure or defect in equipment.

Deck injuries can lead to fractured bones, brain injuries and internal organ injury or even death. In the event that these injuries are because of the negligence of the vessel’s owner or negligence by the boss, an maritime lawyer may be able to benefit to recover compensation as well as damage.


The industry of maritime cargo is among the biggest sectors of trade in the United States and is the main reason for shipping greater than 80percent of the goods globally. Due to the constant growth of this sector and the ever-growing increasing demand for more trade shipping workers, more maritime professionals are starting to be employed on vessels for cargo.

Since cargo ships typically transport heavy cargo, machines chemical, large shipping containers, there’s the chance of an accident occurring. Some common cargo ship accidents include:

  • Crumbling accidents caused by falling objects.
  • Explosions and fires.
  • Chemical releases.
  • Cargo sliding.
  • Accidents involving machinery.

Since cargo ships typically carry valuable goods, they’re more susceptible to attack by pirates and can result in the victims being beaten on the deck. If you’ve been in an accident aboard an cargo ship, causing your personal injury, consult with a seasoned Houston maritime attorney for benefit to resolve your situation. They are able to benefit in filing claim against the individual accountable for your injuries in order for the compensation you deserve.


If you’re a ship’s employee will make it much difficult to file an action against the employer. Workers on cruise ships typically contract with clauses to benefit or shield the employer from lawsuits arising out of injuries.

The reason for this is that cruise ships can be a frequent location for workers to get wounded. The workers on cruise ships are injured during excursions or be injured by drunken passengers. The risk remains of falling objects as well as deck injuries.

If you or your family members has suffered injuries from maritime accidents when on a cruise vessel and you are concerned about the consequences, consult an expert maritime lawyer as fast as you can. The process of proving liability for these incidents may be difficult since the cruise vessel may have a partnership with other tour firms or might seek to get rid of the any responsibility. Having an attorney for maritime law that is familiar in the case of cruise ship collisions could benefit assure you get properly compensated.


Based on the nature of incident that occurs offshore, a maritime worker can suffer severe and even serious or even fatal injuries. Maritime law guarantees that maritime workers can claim an amount of compensation for injuries sustained; However, often, vessel owners and employers do not want to offer large amounts of money. In filing a suit or seeking benefit by an Houston attorney for offshore accidents you’ll significantly rise the chances of being fair compensation.

A few of the most common types of injuries experienced through our Houston maritime lawyers include:


The personal injury lawyers with Abraham Watkins have been able to assist numerous maritime workers receive damages for crushing injuries. Due to the heavy weight of machines and fallen objects offshore workers have greater danger of losing limbs, or even becoming paralyzed in the event of the impact of a crush. Most often, when large quantities of material or sediment falls off an elevated object for example, a dredge or when the cargo is unstable and falls over a vessel, it could cause the legs of a worker or arms to become crushed during the fall.

In the event of being crushed by offshore workers, many have to have their legs amputated or experience paralysis as a result of the crash. In addition to physical injuries resulting from being crushed, some workers experience physical injuries and extreme injuries resulting from the crash.


Burn injury are a different common injuries for seamen and offshore workers. Many times burn injuries, they are the most serious injuries that an individual can sustain which can cause both physical damage as well as mental stress resulting from the serious injury.

Burn injuries at sea are often caused by flames or gas explosions and electrical fires that result due to faulty wires, or contact toxic chemicals or hazardous substances or fires within the engine room of ships. The kind of incidents that occur pose a serious threat to all workers who work employed in the maritime sector as well as workers who are put exposed to risk each day when working.

The severity of burns can range from mild first-degree burns up to serious third-degree burns that need skin grafts as well as immediate medical treatment. If you experience a third-degree burn, you’re at risk to contracting sepsis or infection hypothermia and a myriad of other issues. No matter how severe your burn injuries are, you still have the right to receive your medical bills protected by the maritime law. Talk to any of our Houston maritime lawyers if were injured by a fire in the ocean.


There are two kinds of brain injury that that a worker on the water can sustain: an open head injury as well as an injury to the head that is closed. When a head injury is open where the skull is damaged, it may have been fractured open or broken. A closed head injury will not lead to the skull becoming broken or pierced. However the type of injury are often accompanied by long-lasting problems which are hard to medical skillful to identify initially.

A head injury on the sea could be the result of an object falling, insufficient safety equipment as well as a slip-and-fall accident, or even a cargo-related accident. Some of the most frequent symptoms of brain injury are memory loss and seizures, as well as depression, or paralysis. mental impairment.


It is crucial to stay conscious of your rights under the law as a marine worker throughout the day. In the event of an off-shore accident and sustain injury as a result it is important to warrant you are able to access to medical attention and that your rights are being protected and that you’re financially taken care of. Any maritime worker who is injured has legally entitled to:

  • Medical treatmentUnder the Jones Act, all injured maritime workers have the right to be treated for medical issues that are paid for by financial. The injured workers don’t have to concers about obtaining insurance or having to pay for medical costs because they’re eligible to financial support as well as all medical benefits. If you have a preexisting injury that was made more severe by the incident on the water the employer has to deliver enough coverage to cover the medical care you require. If the one doctor claims that you require medical attention, but another declares that the treatment isn’t necessary and you are not, you are covered under the Jones Act ebbs in favor that you receive medical treatment.
  • Benefits for maintenanceBenefits for maintenance offer additional cash assistance for your costs of living while recuperating from your injury in the offshore.
  • Your choice of physician –All employees injured on the job are entitled to select the medical competent treating their injuries. There is a possibility that you will need to undergo your initial evaluation by the physician recommended by your insurance carrier or employer. However , who you pick to be treated by is up to you.
  • Accident statement that is not recorded —When you’re injured for the first time in a maritime collision You must immediately notify your employer, or the relevant entity at the location where the injury occurred. But, you’re not obliged to record a account of the incident. Sometimes, pain and shock could make people confuse details or become confused at first this is the reason it is not advisable to make a record of a declaration that you’ll require to amend in the future.


In accordance with maritime law you can claim the damages incurred by any incident that happens off. In most cases it is recommended to claim expenses for maintenance and treatment for your everyday cost of living and medical expenses.

In some cases, the employer might not wish to make payments that is really owed. Most often, they try to make the employee approve of any settlement or payment which is not satisfying to cover what is actually the cost of injury and damages. Employees, who might not be aware of their rights, may agree to this by committing to these payments, and abstaining from the option of pursuing any other settlement.

It is recommended to always consult an experienced personal injury attorney. They’ll know precisely the rights you have and be able to assure that the full extent of your injuries are considered.

A Houston maritime lawyer could benefit to file a claim to the following claims:

  • Jones Act claims for medical costs arising from the injuries you sustained.
  • Costs for maintenance and treatment of the daily expenses of living.
  • Claim for unseaworthiness if you suffered injuries that resulted from inadequate equipment or the condition of your vessel.
  • Negligence claim.

It’s possible to submit more than one maritime accident claim simultaneously depending on the circumstances. In this way it is possible to boost the amount you are able to recover. Talk to an Houston maritime lawyer in order to figure out the amount of damages you’re legally entitled to.


If you’re not able to claim compensation under the maritime act or other general laws, or would like to pursue more than one maritime accident claim, our attorneys can benefit in filing a negligence claim against the individual or group accountable for the injuries you sustained. In certain cases we have seen our clients file an Jones Act claim for medical costs against their employers and at the same time making a negligence claim against the owner of a vessel owned by a non-employer.

We at Abraham Watkins, we benefit clients throughout Texas that’s why we have the ability to assign you a dedicated lawyer. In the case of example, if you are a resident of Houston and you return in the water, we will provide you with an Houston personal injury attorney from our office located in Houston which gives clients the benefits of having an attorney who is familiar with the local area of courts and judges.

Legal claims for maritime negligence function in similar to normal personal injury lawsuit. In order to prove negligence claims the maritime lawyer has to show that the person:

  • We owe you a duty to taking care.
  • Infringed on this duty by negligence or in recklessness.
  • The damage or injury that you sustained was directly caused due to the breach of duty of care.
  • There were damages that you suffered because of it of your claim, including lost earnings, medical expenses as well as pain and suffering or an unjust death.

These claims are often complicated and challenging to prove because employers and owners of vessels often are armed with a wealth of money and attorneys fight for their clients to assure that you don’t be compensated for more damages. In order to warrant that your claim for negligence will be successful, it’s crucial that you obtain benefit from a maritime injuries attorney.


The compensation a worker may receive in the event of a negligence case may be more than the amount they are legally entitled to under maritime law and the laws. The amount you are entitled to depends on the specific damages you’re eligible to. If you can prove that there are damages, the more show, the higher amount of compensation you’ll receive. An Houston maritime lawyer will benefit in proving these damages:


In the event of a claim for negligence in a negligence case, you have the right to seek the reimbursement from all medical expenses. These include past expenses and any costs for a subsequent treatment that you may require due to the accidents.

In the event of long-term care the maritime attorney can take the benefit of a doctor to assess what a lifetime of treatment could cost with regards to costs and allow them to seek the amount.


In the event of an injury typically, you’ll have to be off from work in many instances the result will be losing wages or even a loss of earnings. This could be stressful in particular when there are obligations to meet.

Certain injuries are so serious that the victim will not ever be able again into work in the exact way. If this happens an attorney is required to determine the amount that a lifetime’s earning capacity is equivalent to.


The non-economic losses are ones that are subjective, and therefore harder to quantify using numbers. The most common type of non-economic loss is discomfort and pain. The pain you endure and emotional trauma the injury caused to the victim should be compensated the non-economic damage you have suffered. ought to reflect this.

  • In the unfortunate event that you lose a loved one through an accident or mishap at sea An attorney for maritime injuries will benefit warrant you receive the funeral costs covered, and sometimes, even the loss of income for the family.

Even though workers are in most instances entitled to medical expenses as well as maintenance fees under laws governing maritime however, it is possible to receive more money when you file a negligence lawsuit. A member of our offshore accident lawyers will benefit to guide you through the procedure of filing a claim for negligence and warrant you get the amount you are due in the event of an injury.


Admiralty law and maritime law were drafted in order to warrant that those working offshore have equally protected under law for accidents on the job. Injuring yourself or getting victimized in a major incident at sea could be very stressful and traumatic. Most offshore workers do not know the rights they are for sure under the law and might opt to accept less amount of compensation from their employers.

If you’ve suffered an off-shore accident and sustained injuries as a result then you must consult an expert maritime lawyer in the earliest time possible. We at Abraham Watkins, we have the services of maritime attorneys who will benefit assure your receive fair compensation for the damage you’ve sustained. Our Houston law firm has helped several clients receive settlements in personal injury cases involving maritime-related injuries. We are determined to do everything we can to benefit those who need help.

We offer additional a no-cost consultation for all those who have been injured in the offshore. We also operate in a contingent fee arrangement which means that you are not at risk of when you seek our benefit. It is not necessary to shell out any fees up front for the first step in pursuing your settlement or be required to reimburse us in the event that there’s no financial gain from us. If we are successful the case, we will simply receive an amount of the settlement, which is discussed during the initial meeting.

When you reach out to our firm We will designate a maritime lawyer to the matter to start investigating what transpired, offering advice regarding your legal options and putting together a solid argument to warrant you receive your settlement. We’ve built an excellent attorney-client relationship over the years of our practice and we can rely on you to stand up for your rights.

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