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Finding the best legal well-qualified for your offshore injury is crucial for anyone whose relative has been injured during work as a dockworker seaman or oil and gas industry worker. The jobs can be extremely difficult as well as dangerous. It is up to your employers and the other parties responsible to take safety measures and ensure that they’re adhered to. Unfortunately, many employers don’t protect their workers. Our lawyers at Waldman Legal Group will uncover the negligence that caused the injuries you sustained. Our goal is to fight for sure that you have the cash you’ll need to cover the bills and continue to live your life. Contact us at our Houston headquarters toll-free at (346) 646-5973 to schedule an appointment for a no-cost consultation.

What Damages Can I Get for My Maritime Worker Injuries?

As your lawyer for offshore injuries Our goal is to ensure that anyone who has the responsibility is accountable. We’ll make sure that you get the funds you’re entitled to in order to heal from your injuries as well as pay the expenses. The damages you could be entitled to be classified into two primary types: non-economic and economic.

Damages to the economy are quite simple. They could be:

  • Cash for medical expenses like hospital bills, mobility aids and medical devices as well as copays for medication as well as rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Funds for future medical costs
  • Lost wages due to the recovery process
  • Rehabilitation for vocational work
  • Earning capacity loss If your injury will affect your capacity to work for time or indefinitely.

There are many losses that are not clear or apparent, but they are all evident. These damages are intended to help you recover from physical and emotional trauma as well as anxiety and a lower standard of living.

In certain cases that you are guilty of a grave error there may be claim inflict punitive damage. This is designed to penalize the defendant.

If you’re an ashore seaman as per the Jones Act (see below) If you are a seaman under the Jones Act (see below), you could be eligible for the benefits known as “maintenance” as well as “cure.” Maintenance is a way of compensating an employee for the cost of lodging and food during their recovery. Cure covers the cost of medical treatment for injured sailors and the travel needed to reach treatment. When the person reaches “maximum health improvement” the benefits of maintenance and cure cease. The term “maximum medical improvement” implies that the individual is as healthy as they will be, even if they are there isn’t a complete cure.

What Is the Jones Act, and Does It Apply to My Case?

The Jones Act is often referred to”the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. This is a federal law which provides seamen with certain rights. They are able to pursue their employer for compensation if they suffer injuries while working because of the negligence of their employer.

  • If you’re spending the majority of your time in a vessel, boat, or “in navigation” you could be classified as an seaman.
  • If you’re employed in a boat as the deckhand, sailor engineer, diver mechanic, captain cook, steward, mate and fisherman, or some other capacity, you might be a “seaman.”
  • If you fall within the description of “seaman” in the eyes of statute, you’re ineligible for workers’ compensation. The only way to get compensation is through your injuries via an insurance policy called the Jones Act.
  • According to the Jones Act, employers of seamen must grant an adequate and safe working area and to keep the vessel in an relatively safe condition.
  • The Jones Act holds employers liable regardless of whether the worker who was injured was a part of the cause in any way.
  • Some examples of dangerous conditions for which employers are liable for are: damaged and/or poorly maintained machinery grease or oil on the deck, absence of adequate training, absence of the proper equipment, carelessness by a worker or a colleague who assaults a worker or inability to bring adequate manpower and inability to impart information about the dangers to the employers.
  • In general, you need to make the Jones Act suit within three years from the date of the incident. (***Please be aware that you must consult with an attorney directly to learn about the time limit for filing a suit as well as any other deadlines applicable to the claim(s). ***)

If you aren’t able to qualify as an seaman compatible to the Jones Act, there are different laws which could apply for your particular situation. They include those under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act as well as the Longshore as well as Harbour Workers’ Compensation Act. If your loved ones were injured in a maritime incident and was killed, you may be able to apply the Death on the High Seas Act might apply.

Head injury graveSevere back injury. Burns. Amputation of leg. Worker injuries in the maritime sector are typically catastrophic, life-changing, costly. If you or your loved one was injured at work it is essential to hire an attorney who can guide you through the complex legalities. An attorney can benefit to determine the best ways to pursue reimbursement for the losses. You shouldn’t do this by yourself.

How Much Is My Offshore Accident Case Worth?

We are unable to know exactly what your case’s worth without meeting you personally and studying the matter. Even so, the past results are not a guarantee of any future results. There are many factors that benefit to determine the amount of money you could receive.

  • Your pre-injury salary
  • Medical bills, as well as other charges
  • The estimated cost of future medical costs
  • When and if you’ll be able to resume your job
  • Non-economic losses
  • If you’re interested in pursuing an award under compensation under the Jones Act or workers’ compensation.

The attorneys of The Waldman Legal Group look forward to discussing your situation in greater detail. Consultations are no cost, and we do not charge for any work unless you complete. For more information, contact our Houston office by dialing (346) 646-5973.

Why Do I Need an Offshore Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve sustained an offshore incident, a representative of the company you work for or their insurance provider could approach the victim with an offer of funds. At this time of stress it can be difficult to get back on track and fretting over household and medical expenses. You may be tempted to settle for this payment at first. Although it could benefit you in the short run however, you’ll be denying the possibility of pursuing any further actions. It is likely that you won’t receive the amount you deserve due to your injury.

A lawyer from offshore accidents knows the rules of the cases of these kinds. Attorneys from Waldman Legal Group Waldman Legal Group have the experience to pinpoint all accountable parties and determine the totality of the losses you have suffered.

The determination of the laws that offer additional the protection of the employees of offshore platforms who are injured is sometimes a challenge. The place of the platform and the type of platform, whether permanently or mobile, will determine the laws or regulations that could influence the lawsuit.

Due to the hazardous workplace conditions as well as the large and oversized the equipment and tools used in operating offshore platforms Injuries are often. However, determining the liability of an individual could be a challenge. Injuries could be caused by the inattention of a company’s employees or contractor, the employees of contractors who are not their own as well as the makers of the equipment responsible for the accident.

Many times, offshore workers who are injured aren’t aware of the procedures they should take in order to safeguard their rights. These days it is clear that getting enough food in the kitchen should be a an important priority. Without a lawyer, employees who have been injured in offshore work have the chance of losing them and their families.

How Our Team Helps Injured Offshore Workers

The Waldman Legal Group, we are dedicated to fighting for injured offshore workers as well as their families. We give assistance and comfort in this time of need. There are particular time limitations which must be fulfilled in the filing of these kinds of lawsuits. This is why you should contact an attorney from offshore in our office as quickly as is possible following the incident. Contact us toll-free at (346) 646-5973 for a an appointment for a no-cost consultation.

What Should I Do (and Not Do) After My Offshore Accident?

After suffering a severe accident at work, you might be suffering from pain, worrying about the cost of your treatment and what it will mean for you in the future and not being able to think clearly. However, what you doand not do – in the first few days following your incident is crucial. This can have a important impact on your capacity to seek the compensation you deserve for your injury.

1. Do seek medical attention. Wherever you may be or how severe the injury may be it’s crucial that you seek medical treatment soon after the accident. In the first place you’re health and well-being must be the top prioritization. Doctors can conduct tests for conditions that might not immediately be apparent. We must also have evidence of any medical conditions and costs when we file claims. Make sure to contact your physician or head in an emergency department as fast as you can.

2. Inform your employer of the injury as soon as you can. It is crucial that they be aware of the incident immediately. It allows them to address any safety problems and safeguard others. This is an important aspect of proving your claims. Don’t assume that your coworkers are going to report your injuries on behalf of they will do it for. If you can take the initiative yourself. Better yet, you can write an entire report on your injuries and the incident on sheet of paper. You can give the report to your employer, and save one to you.

3. Try your accurate to record the incident. Note any witnesses. Note down their contact details. Photograph the location in which the incident occurred along with any other relevant equipment and security issues.

4. Talk to an lawyer. An attorney who is familiar with these situations can favor guidance on how to continue and what ways to avoid making mistakes. They can benefit to understand the intricate legal system or the laws that could be applicable to your case.

5. Don’t discuss your situation with anyone else besides your attorney. Your injuries must be reported to your employer obviously. However, discussing the injuries with your colleagues or with others could result in massively. Even a casual comment could be a cause for retribution when a judge decides to hear your case should you choose to file a lawsuit against your employer later on time.

6. Don’t sign any documents handed to you through your workplace. Don’t accept any the money they offer or from their insurance firm. If you do, you could waive your rights or receive a low settlement that’s smaller than you should be able to be receiving. Consult an attorney first.

My Loved One Was Killed in an Offshore Accident. Can You Help?

Unfortunately, workers from offshore all have to pay the ultimate price -their own life as they are forced to work in such dangerous and challenging working conditions. Families are shocked, devastated and financially devastated. If the death of a loved one was proven to be a cause of negligence, spouses, parents and the children of the employee can file a claim claims for an award pursuant to the Jones Act. They could receive compensation to cover losses, including

  • The cost of their loved ones’ prior-death medical costs relating to the crash
  • Payment for the suffering and pain that their loved ones suffered prior to passing away
  • Indemnity for funeral and burial expenses
  • Compensation for lost income in the event of a loss of a family member’s passing
  • The compensation is for the financial assistance they could have received during the expected life span of their loved ones
  • Payment for services the family member of their deceased loved one might have offered throughout their entire life.

In certain cases families may be eligible for an amount of compensation as per the Death on the High Seas Act as well as under different maritime law.

Talk to an Offshore Accident Attorney at The Waldman Legal Group

If you or a family member has been hurt by an accident on the offshore and you suspect that it’s your company’s fault, our lawyers of The Waldman Legal Group offer compassionate advocacy. We’ll work to get you the compensation you’re entitled to from your injuries. We know the law of maritime and know how to use it in your situation. We’ll thoroughly investigate your case and make sure that we do not leave the money to pay for the claim in the open. We fight hard, and aren’t scared of going to court, if you need to do to safeguard your rights. Our fees aren’t paid until you pay us, and initial consultations are completely free. Nothing is risky. Contact the Houston office by dialing (346) 646-5973 for an appointment.

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